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What Every Girl Should Know - Finishing Course Workbook

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"A few weeks ago, my good friend asked me if I would like to review a new 'finishing' course for girls.  When I received it, I was SO impressed!!  It is just wonderful...The book is laid out in these scripture-based sections... and it is totally engaging!!   Makes me feel about 14 all over again.  Myklin really lay things out for the girls who read and journal in the course.  The scriptures say 'Let no one look down upon you in your youth'... I think this is so pertinent for Myklin.  She is young; however, the Lord has prepared her for this book..  It is FULL of wonderful Scriptures and great quotes!!  It is very complete.  The more I look through this course.. the more I am impressed with just what a miracle it is. I used to review 'character' and 'self-esteem' curricula for Christian programs.  They were 99% junk.  I wish this one had been around when I was teaching young girls who were opting out of the public school programs for 'health'.  It would have been SO perfect...  Maybe it just took a Holy Spirit inspired young person to do it!!"  -Heather Idoni, Michigan of www.educationforthesoul.com, www.christianhomeschooling.us, www.belovedbooks.com, and www.easyfunschool.com

"What Every Girl Should Know by Myklin Cox is a workbook-styled charm course that is aimed at helping teenage girls to develop God's best in their lives.  My daughters (13 and 11) recently attended a Myklin Cox workshop based on this workbook.   We have been working through it on a regular basis ever since.  What we've liked most about this book is that it lets you work through spiritual topics (personal quiet times, your relationship with Jesus) and practical topics (health and social grace issues, relationship issues with both genders) and more, with lots of Scripture references AND places to apply them in your life!  Furthermore, we've seen the fruits of this study in our daily lives. Frequently my daughters will share with their brothers and sisters or dad about what they are learning (with the brothers, it is usually something from the manners section!).  The course is designed to be used as a personal devotion, during a one-on-one time with a mentor or a mom, or even in a larger group setting such as a church group or co-op.   Myklin Cox, now 21 years old, is a homeschool graduate.  She is well-spoken and very transparent in her desire to help godly teenage girls come closer to Christ through their daily walk, habits and personal character.  We've really enjoyed her book (aimed at 10-18 year old girls) and think that others would too."  -Amanda, Homeschool Mother, Iowa  

"In What Every Girl Should Know, I have learned some manners I hadn't thought of before.  One example is to be more encouraging in relationships.  I have tried to put the manners Myklin taught into practice and to be more like a young lady.  I have really liked taking this class from Myklin.  I hope she will offer a second class like this.  I'd be the first to sign up!"            -Noelle, Age 12

"What Every Girl Should Know  can be summed up in two words.  Refreshing and Inspiring!  As the mother of a young girl I've seen first hand the excitement in her eyes and heard the eagerness in her voice to work through this book.  I've looked at other curriculums covering these topics and this one by far surpasses them all.  The way the author wove Godly living and personal commitment throughout this book makes it a reality for girls.  The format for a girl and that special older woman to work through this book together is a memory in the making.  Thank you, Myklin." -Jeanne, Homeschool Mother

"What should every girl know?  As we went through this book we learned six things that every girl should know.  The first and most important was to know our Lord and Savior and the plan He has for our life.  The second, third, and fourth lessons were to spend time with Him, how to care of the body He has given us, and how to look for good character in others.  The fifth was to find out what abilities and talents God has given each of us to bless others.  The last was to know that the Lord's timing is perfect in every situation.  I learned little things from each section that helped me to know more about how the Lord created me.   In the end we learned how God created us each different and unique.  This has helped me in bettering who I am and seeing myself as God sees me."  -Gina, Student, Age 18

"I have known Myklin since she was 11 years old.  I have seen the Lord work in her all these years developing her into the beautiful Godly woman she is today.  Even when she was young my husband and I knew Myklin was the kind of girl we wanted our daughters to follow as an example (and they have).  It was for this reason I encouraged Myklin to teach a discipleship type class teaching young girls to be everything Jesus would want them to be.  All of us who know Myklin are thrilled to have this book to treasure with our daughters as we know it will only inspire them in their walk with the LORD.   Isn't that the desire of every Christian mother's heart?" -Wendy, Mother of Six

"This book covers a wide range of topics from practical to spiritual with each subject being backed by Scripture.  It is written from a perspective teenage girls can understand.   Now, more than ever, girls need to know what God's Word says about His plan for their lives and how to follow it.  I highly recommend What Every Girl Should Know for youth girl's Bible study." -Michele, Youth Pastor's Wife

"What Every Girl Should Know is the first Bible study I've ever read that makes me feel like I am actually sitting across from the facilitator one-on-one, face-to-face learning 'what every girl should know'...  From a grandmother's point of view, I only wish I would have had access to this information when I was growing up.  What a blessing!!  Some of this stuff I didn't know!   I've been taught a thing or two.  I am delighted that my granddaughter was able to to take this Bible study.  I can already see evidence of 'fruit that lasts' in her life.  I can see that this study could also be used by mothers and grandmothers to teach their children and grandchildren one-on-one 'what every girl should know'...The most important point...I love the way that Jesus was brought into this study.  Myklin, you have allowed God to work through you to grace the pages of this study with His fingerprints of love and wisdom, for both spiritual and practical application.  What a priceless study!  Thank you for being transparent and so willing to share your personal life and testimony with others so they could be encouraged and blessed!  Myklin, well done good and faithful servant!  May God bless you in your service to Him as you share with others your love, wisdom and encouragement by pouring out to others what God has so gracefully poured into you." -Roxie, Grandmother       


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What Every Girl Should Know - Biblical Perspectives on Love, Life & Faith!