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What Every Girl Should Know - Finishing Course Workbook

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Physical & Inner Beauty

Godly Friendships & Role Models

Talents & Gifts

Social Graces

Proper Health

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Relationships with Boys

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Frequently Asked Questions of the Author, Myklin Cox


1.  Why did you write What Every Girl Should Know?
"A dear woman of the Lord approached me about teaching at a local homeschool ministry that she and her husband were starting in the area. She told me of her idea to have a girl's class on all the things young women should know these days. It took a little convincing on her part and a lot of prayer on mine, but in the end I agreed to teach the class. The material in What Every Girl Should Know stemmed from that class."

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2.  What is the Scriptural basis behind it?
"When I knew I was going to teach a class on things every girl should know, I began delving through the Scriptures to see what God had to say on the issue. I looked up the word 'know' in the Bible and the Lord just starting putting together material based on those verses. For example, James 4:4 says, 'know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God?' That verse was a perfect launching pad to open a discussion about Godly friendships. Before I knew it, chapters and topics began forming faster than I could type! He simply gave me key Scriptures describing things we all should know that could be applied to a girl's life as well. I wanted the girls in my class to be able to take some of these lessons home with them, so I thought I would give them a few handouts each week. Before I knew it, those 'few' handouts had turned into a full size book!"


3.  What topics are covered in the book?
"There are a variety of issues discussed in What Every Girl Should Know. Some of the topics included are:

- Personal Relationship with Jesus Christ

- Physical and Inner Beauty

- Godly Friendships and Role Models

- Talents and Gifts

- Social Graces

- Proper Health

- Home Economics

- Relationships with Boys

Each subject has practical suggestions and Scriptural principles for the girl to be able to live out in her daily life."


4.  What age group is this course intended for?
"I wrote this with preteen and teenage girls in mind. I think the ideal age is somewhere from 10 to 16 years old. However, I know girls anywhere from the age of eight to eighteen that have enjoyed going through What Every Girl Should Know. It really just depends on the girl. Everyone's a little bit different!"


5.  What is the format of What Every Girl Should Know?
"It's basically a 150-page textbook/workbook with plenty of questions for discussion, review, and reflection."


6.  How can What Every Girl Should Know be used?
"When writing it, I attempted to make it adaptable to various teaching and mentoring styles. That is why it can be used in so many different settings! Some of the ways people have been using it include: a girl's personal study, mother-daughter mentoring resource, homeschooling curriculum, virtuous woman Bible study for young girls, and so much more. Many Sunday school teachers and youth leaders have found it helpful as a study. What Every Girl Should Know is especially ideal for that older young woman who would like to embrace the calling of Titus 2:4 ('These older women must train the young women...')."


7.  Can I receive a quantity discount if I order a lot of books?
"Yes!! For orders of 6 books ($100) or more you can receive FREE Priority Mail Shipping."


8.  Are there bookstores carrying What Every Girl Should Know?
"Yes, and there are more carrying it all the time! Click here for the current list of bookstores."


9.  Do you have wholesale pricing?
"Yes we do! If you are a bookstore owner and would be interested in carrying What Every Girl Should Know, please send an e-mail to: info@whateverygirl.com requesting more information."


10.  How can I get a copy of What Every Girl Should Know?
"Click here for ordering information."

What Every Girl Should Know - Biblical Perspectives on Love, Life & Faith!