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What Every Girl Should Know - Finishing Course Workbook

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Instilling Virtue in the Hearts of Young Women- Cassette Tape

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About Myklin Cox

The Lord began to speak to Myklin's heart at a young age about the need for Godly youth in today's world. At the age of 18 she taught a Bible class for preteen and teenage girls entitled, What Every Girl Should Know. That class became the instrument the Lord used to bring about the writing of this course.

Myklin (now age 21) actively shares the vision the Lord has given her for a generation of young people full of virtue, through speaking engagements, workshops, retreats, and conferences. She has spoken to youth groups, young children, preteen girls, parents, churches, and other various audiences. Myklin ("Mike-Lynn") was educated at home and lives in South Central Kansas along with her family.
Listed below is information on several of Myklin's talks...

What Every Parent Should Know About Daughters

We all know the parent’s role in a daughter’s life is important…but do we know just how important?  What is a daughter’s perspective on the influence of her mother and father?   During this workshop, 21 year old Myklin Cox will share insights and lessons she learned through her growing up years.  Discover simple and effect steps every parent can take to begin that special relationship with their daughter.  Some of the topics include: nurturing the father-daughter relationship, how a mother can become her daughter’s best friend, and a deeper look into a daughter’s mind.

Instilling Virtue in the Hearts of Young Women

Everywhere we look Godly values are being attacked in this world.  Our young women are desperately looking for fulfillment and true joy in life.  In this workshop Myklin addresses issues close to the heart of parents desiring to raise their daughters to become virtuous women in spite of the negative messages in today’s world. Topics include...What does the Proverbs 31 Woman have in common with King David’s Mighty Men?  What is the Biblical definition of a Virtuous Woman?  How can parents encourage their daughters to stand strong in the Lord? Click here to order a cassette tape of this workshop!

Character & Your Kids

Paul instructs Timothy in 1Timothy 4:12 to let no one look down on him because of his young age, but rather to set an example of a Christ-like lifestyle to the rest of the world.  But how exactly can this be lived out today amidst the pressures, temptations and ungodly influences of society bombarding young people around every corner?  Parents and children alike will enjoy Myklin's simple step-by-step approach to discover how become a person of true character and values.  Some of the topics include: developing God-honoring words and conversations, living a life saturated with true JOY, and maintaining a heart of reliance and unswerving faith in Jesus Christ.      


For more information regarding these talks, or to book Myklin to come and speak in your area, please drop us an e-mail!

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Girls, have you already been through Myklin's course, What Every Girl Should Know?  If so, then drop her a line and let her know what you thought about it!  What was your favorite part?   What did you learn?  You will receive a personal response from Myklin, thanking you for taking the time to write her!  Here is her address:  myklin@whateverygirl.com


"What Every Girl Should Know by Myklin Cox is a workbook-styled charm course that is aimed at helping teenage girls to develop God's best in their lives. My daughters (13 and 11) recently attended a Myklin Cox workshop based on this workbook. We have been working through it on a regular basis ever since. What we've liked most about this book is that it lets you work through spiritual topics (personal quiet times, your relationship with Jesus) and practical topics (health and social grace issues, relationship issues with both genders) and more, with lots of Scripture references AND places to apply them in your life!  Furthermore, we've seen the fruits of this study in our daily lives. Frequently my daughters will share with their brothers and sisters or dad about what they are learning (with the brothers, it is usually something from the manners section)!"   -Amanda, Iowa

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What Every Girl Should Know - Biblical Perspectives on Love, Life & Faith!